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I've always had a passion for puzzles, problem solving and building things in general, but often had the bad habit of not following through on projects, I would start something that I thought was cool and abandon it half way through for something new, that would eventually meet the same fate. I've been trying to change that in the past few years. This new project is another step towards fixing this issue I have. This is the first game I'm making under the Cleverzoid brand. A tiny game studio devoted to making puzzle games. For starters, I'm setting out to make a game of a manageable size, simple rules with emergent consequences and short interesting levels, something that someone like me would enjoy on the commute to work. on the lines of Mini metro and tomb raider go. Mind you, I do this on my free time which I don't have a lot of, so development might be a little bit slow, but I have some things ready to go, and I'm planing on launching a demo on Halloween. stick with me, I think I'm on to solid small puzzler here.

Progress Report:
Core mechanics
Menu systems30%
Music/Sound effects20%

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