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Puzzle Castle

A game where you explore a ancient castle filled with interesting puzzles · By Cleverzoid


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Important Bug Fix , v1.1
I have fixed bugs on lvl 28 and lvl 29 that made it impossible to pass through these levels. Also tweaked lvl 18, it took to many steps to solve, if you were p...
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Puzzle Castle Launch!
I got to point were i think the game is good enough to be published, it needs a lot of polishing still but all the functionality is there, i hope you guys enjo...
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Update 22/04/2020 Still working on it.
Things have come to a crawl since the last update, I've been struggling with depression, personal life stuff and lack of time, but i feel motivated right now t...
Update 11/27/2019 Demo 1.1
It's been a while since my last update, i didn't had much free time lately and this will probably be the only update I'll make for the demo. I'll be focusing on...
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Update 10/31/2019 Demo Launch
My daytime job is driving me insane. I wish i had more time to deliver a better Demo, but here we go. ill try to release a mobile build soon as well, which is t...
Update 10/20/2019
Didn't had as much progress as i wanted this week, i got the demo almost ready though, its functional. Just need to make it look nicer. Demo launch will be on O...
Hello World
I've always had a passion for puzzles, problem solving and building things in general, but often had the bad habit of not following through on projects, I would...
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Hi, very nice game, but would it be possible to switch to a non-isometric view, or at least to a more natural angl, say...
started by 2ears Sep 10, 2020
3 replies
Disclosure the creator let me try the game for free to give my thoughts and here they are: everything in the game works...
started by FluffeyPanda's World Jul 09, 2020
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When I start the executable, it gives an error message indicating that a pck-file cannot be found. Did you forget to inc...
started by Ingix Nov 09, 2019
3 replies